Barney, Beat Bugs, Blue's Clues, Caillou, C&TT, DT, Hoobs and Wiggles Remix

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I made another credits remix by myself. This one has Barney, Beat Bugs, Blue's Clues, Caillou, Colin and the Thumpies, Dragon Tales, The Hoobs and The Wiggles in it. This time, I used the Barney Season 3 credits, Environments, Sarah's Kite and the Colin and the Thumpies credits from 2016. This was requested by Tyler Fox. On August 5th, I am adding Teletubbies, The Super Mario Bros. Super Show, Handy Manny, Super Why and Zoboomafoo. On October 16th, I am adding The Beeps, The World of David the Gnome, The Adventures of the Gummi Bears, Frontline and Scooby-Doo Where Are You. On December 13th, I am adding Reading Rainbow, Once Upon A Tree, MumbleBumble and George Shrinks. After that, this is full.
Beat Bugs
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